Online hulp

We are always willing to help with problems or questions. You can always pass on any questions or remarks by:


BELGIUM: +32 (0)50 50 19 76
NETHERLANDS: +31 (0)11 7788102

Do not hesitate to pass on any remarks. This is the only way to optimize the programme and make it as user-friendly as possible for everyone

If you have an active internet connection we can take over your computer from a distance in order to help you even faster to solve problems.

For his, click on the link below:

Make sure never to start a session without contacting us by telephone first.


Version V6.0

Last update:
03/06/2022 - V6.0.15

Version V5.4

Last update:
21/12/2021 - V5.4.49

Version V5.3

Last updates:
04/06/2017 - V5.3.28